The sixth edition of our international record & c.d.fair on May 28  was the most succesful one up till now. With its more then 800 visitors it was easily one of the best visited one -day- fairs in Holland in 2016.

After the two editions in De Broerenkerk (in 2009 and 2010), the one in De Grote Kerk (in 2011) and the three  in De Weijenbelt (in 2013, 2014 and 2016 ) a new record-fair will almost certainly take place once more in that great facility in Zwolle.  This community centre in the quarter of Berkum features several rooms and spaces. There's even the possibility to combine an inside and outside fair all in one.  To top it all off the parking is without charge and the admission  about €4  Euro per person.  

In the meantime it's obvious that a top fair as we always strive for, is not feasible in 2017.

Sales at our new location in the Sassenstraat, are way up, so all available time is badly needed to guarantee the quality and the continuity of the supply in the shop. We'll consider the situation again in 2018 and opted for the Weijenbelt.

Itinerary to De Weijenbelt

 (Camperbeeklaan 82, 8024 BZ)

By car: A 28  Exit Zwolle Noord, turn left, just before the PEC Zwolle stadium.

By public transportation: Take the number three bus (Berkum).

What to expect

The fair is loved by both visitors and stallholders, quite rightly so, as *good vibrations*  is the keyword here.

Just taste the ambiance, the way people treat each other, the hospitality, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else....

It's a happening, and a balanced display of the merchandize can still be found at the different stalls. it's original, it's what a smart costumer must have been waiting for....

All visitors will receive a map with all the stalls (about 180!). Each and every stallholder is being mentioned on the backside of the map unveiling their many different specialties. There are dealers from Holland as well as from everywhere in the world.  A relatively large group of non-commercial stallholders, who knows: they might be your next-door neighbours, will be offering records, cd 's and other merchandise for often very low prices. 

What's also unique is that our approach is very honest: equal opportunities for everyone. Before we start off there's no way of purchasing anything. No exceptions, not even the king will be given preference.   In short, be there or be square, there's lots of great stuff at reasonable prices.

Last but not least, there's our diskid-team:  very experienced volunteers, all at the basis structuring the whole fair as a result of which everything can run smoothly, as it should.  These are the contact points, easily recognisable by their yellow badges. 

You can also register via Facebook, if you want to visit the fair: More information and up-to-date developments concerning the fair are in due course obtainable via or via email:

To hire a stall

There's a registration form especially for people who want to hire a stall for the day. This can be requested via The form can be downloaded after you have received our download-link. If it's one of those days and Murphy's law tells you everything will go wrong, there's always the possibility of sending you the form, or mailing it directly.

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