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About 10 years ago we came up with our special record voucher, combining a Diskid present with a nice disposable amount of money. So this voucher is not just a common check to spend on records or cd’s, but it’s much much more….

The personal record voucher is unique: it’s a genuine LP that suddenly has turned into a tailor-made record voucher.  Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, the Supremes, it’s as they themselves hand you your voucher, guided by you, the buyer. Together we’ll find out what the best present, tailor-made for that one person you know so well and love so much...

That’s why each year the amount of record voucher being sold rises. There are customers who regularly pick up one in the store.

It’s possible to order record vouchers starting from 25 euro’s up, in the store during opening hours, via phone or email. You can take it away, have it sent to you, or have it delivered home, around the Zwolle area..

Diskid’s personal record vouchers have no expiration date, and can be spent at any time. And guess what: even after having cashed in, you’re still the owner of the voucher, aka the LP…

A great big hug and hopefully till very soon…

Hank and Antoinette

Foto 2 op Platenbon

Foto 3 op platenbon