Diskid specializes in LP 's and 45 's in almost all styles and genres from the fifties of the twentieth century up to now. So there is Blues, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Psych, Prog, Punk, Wave, Reggae, World, Exotica, Heavy Metal, Soundtrack and Americana, just to name a few. All these musical styles vary from interestingly relevant to extremely scarce.

The quality of the vinyl we offer is high. The price-quality ratio is very lenient. And of course, the eighties, nineties and 00's didn't escape us. These categories are represented in an amply sufficient way, we even go deep here.

Especially in the Scandinavian countries there are excellent contacts to buy the most delicious stuff on the planet. New records from the wholesale businesses are never forgotten, but our passion is the everlasting record hunt, the challenge to go where no (record)men went before....far away places...


There's much to be had, also when CD's are concerned. Almost all genres are represented. The Americana genre deserves special credit. There are often titles here that are really hard to find.

On Saturdays there is almost always an addition, some 250 CD's mostly. 40 % deriving from reviewers and 60 % from private persons.
The big sale starts at the 29th of October 2022. (10.00-17.00)


Frequently we will show some new arrivals. This is just an impression, normally the shop is daily being restocked.

New arrivals!

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